Wine Lessons

Wine is without a doubt the single most complex and pleasurable beverage known to man. Yet this complexity is also what prevents many from ever experiencing the pleasure.  The staggering amount of different varietals and vintages … all compounded by the multitude of different growing regions … can be overwhelming.

If you’d like to simplify some of this complexity, please take a look at the following six “lessons” complete with “homework assignments.” While they won’t qualify you for the next Master Sommelier exam, they will give you a basic understanding about what to look for and how to really appreciate that next bottle of wine … whether it’s a $14 Sauvignon Blanc, a $30 Pinot Noir or a $100 Bordeaux.

Wine Lessons

Lesson 1 – Proper Serving Temperature

Lesson 2 – Tasting Wine Side by Side

Lesson 3 – Judging Wine by Color

Lesson 4 – How to Smell Wine

Lesson 5 – How to Taste Wine (Part One)

Lesson 6 – How to Taste Wine (Part Two)


I would like to acknowledge my good friend and first American Master Sommelier, Eddie Osterland, for his help with these lessons.  Much of the material was adapted from his book “Power Entertaining,” and I am deeply grateful for his input.